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The SEAT Supercup Ireland in association with The Johnstown Estate, is a thrilling racing series that showcases the performance and excitement of Ireland fastest and most competitive touring cars. Organised and sanctioned by Motorsport Ireland, the national governing body for motorsport in Ireland, the SEAT Supercup Ireland attracts both amateur and budding professional drivers eager to compete in a competitive one make series.


The series features races held at various circuits across Ireland & UK, providing drivers with diverse challenges and exciting competition on both technical and high-speed tracks. With tightly regulated specifications, the SEAT Supercup Ireland ensures a level playing field where skill and strategy are paramount.


One of the notable aspects of the SEAT Supercup Ireland is its accessibility, welcoming drivers of all levels of experience and backgrounds. Whether seasoned competitors or newcomers to motorsport, participants can enjoy competitive racing in a supportive and welcoming environment. The series features a Newcomers class where the top 3 drivers receive an end of season cash prize fund of €10,000 (1st €5000, 2nd €3,000 & 3rd €2000).


The cars, built by SEAT Sport are all the same spec, and to all intents and purposes are the same as the Touring Cars we see racing the world over. The driver sits low and well back, the cars are left hand drive and produce almost 340bhp, operated through a paddle shift DSG gearbox and running on Hankook racing tyres. With some of Ireland’s top saloon drivers at the wheel, the cars can lap similar times to a modern TCR car.


With more than 300 units build worldwide, the SEAT Leon Supercopa is one of the most reliable and adaptable cars in touring car racing. They can be found competing in numerous championship events around the world as the car provides drivers with a well-balanced, high-performance and economical race car.


The series features a unique balance of performance system, ensuring that no single driver dominates victories. The top 3 competitors in the championship standings are required to race with lower-power ECUs: 1st place with 310bhp, 2nd place with 320bhp, and 3rd place with 330bhp, compared to the standard championship ECU of 340bhp. Additionally, after qualifying, the top 3 qualifiers must race with the lower power settings as well. For Race 2, the top 8 positions from Race 1 are reversed, and all competitors run at full power (340bhp). 

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