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SEAT Supercup is an amazing racing series that's super fun and exciting to be a part of. But guess what? Racing doesn't have to be super expensive! You can join in without breaking the bank.
First things first, if you're interested in racing, try out one of the driving experiences at Mondello Park. This lets you test out a racing car without having to buy one yourself, at least not right away.
Once you're hooked (which you probably will be), the next step is to get in touch with SEAT Supercup Ireland or Motorsport Ireland and grab a Starter Pack for just €10. Plus, if you sign up Motorsport Ireland, you'll get even more cool stuff and discounts from different suppliers.
After you've checked out the starter pack, contact Mondello Park and book yourself an Introduction To Motorsport Course. This course happens at the Mondello Park circuit and teaches you both theory (in a classroom) and practical (on the track) stuff.
Note: To sign up for this course, you'll need to use the unique reference number from your Motorsport Ireland Starter Pack.
If you've paid attention during the course and studied your pack, you'll pass the test given by your assessor. Once you've passed, you can apply for your Motorsport Ireland Race Licence. Then, all you gotta do is pick the SEAT Supercup Series and decide if you want to buy or rent a car. After that, you're ready to hit the track!


So, why wait? Get started now!

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